Grounds Maintenance Schedules

ID Verde (formerly Quadron) Services have been kind enough to supply us with their current work schedule.They are currently working on a monthly programme starting in East Marlow and working their way through to West Marlow over a three week period grass cutting. The last week of the month is weeding and bedding plant maintenance. Please note that these schedules are subject to change for operational reasons. If you have any queries please do contact us using the feedback form.


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Weed Killing Update 

Transport for Buckinghamshire on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council have discontinued killing weeds in the county and have provided the following information:

There will be no routine weed spraying across Buckinghamshire during 2016 – 17. While budget considerations have played a role in making this decision, there are 2 key influencing

1. There is a detrimental environmental impact of the widespread use of herbicides on pollinating insects.

2. The legal constraints that are now imposed on the widespread use of herbicides significantly reduces the effectiveness of the application.


TfB will continue to treat noxious and injurious weeds in line with its legal obligations. To report these concerns go to

Further information can be found at and there are live twitter feeds @tfbalerts.


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