The local elections planned for May 2020 have been postponed due to COVID-19 all Councillors and committee positions will continue until elections in May 2021.


Cllr Richard Scott - Town Mayor, SC Cllr Roy Cadman - RC
Cllr Bob Johnson - Deputy Mayor, RC*, SC Cllr Camilla Keighley - RC
Cllr Jocelyn Towns - Leader of the Council, PC, SC Cllr Neil Marshall - PC*, SC
Cllr Chris Funnell - Deputy Leader of the Council,RC Cllr Kathy Thomson - RC
Cllr Tim Avery - PC Cllr Emily West - PC
Cllr Suzanne Brown - PC Cllr Roger Wilson - RC, PC


RC - Resources Committee

PC - Planning Environment and Transportation Committee

SC - Staffing Committee

*  Committee Chairman

The Town Mayor is an ex-officio member of all Committees and Working Groups

Please note that whilst Town Council meetings are being held virtually, questions from the public will be accepted in advance of the meeting via email: 


Agendas and Minutes


19.05.2020                            Agenda                  Minutes
17.03.2020   cancelled          Agenda                  
14.01.2020                            Agenda                  Minutes
12.11.2019                            Agenda                  Minutes
10.09.2019                            Agenda                  Minutes
09.07.2019                            Agenda                  Minutes
25.06.2019                            Agenda                  Minutes
19.03.2019                            Agenda                  Minutes
29.01.2019                            Agenda                  Minutes
15.01.2019                            Agenda                  Minutes




13.11.2018                        Agenda               Minutes
16.10.2018                        Agenda               Minutes
11.09.2018                        Agenda               Minutes
10.07.2018                        Agenda               Minutes
18.06.2018                        Agenda               Minutes




13.03.2018                       Agenda               Minutes
16.01.2018                       Agenda               Minutes
07.11.2017                       Agenda               Minutes
16.10.2017                       Agenda               Minutes
04.07.2017                       Agenda               Minutes



14.03.2017 Agenda Minutes
25.01.2017 Agenda Minutes
10.01.2017 Agenda Minutes
08.11.2016 Agenda Minutes
06.09.2016 Agenda Minutes
12.07.2016 Agenda Minutes
05.07.2016 Agenda Minutes
10.05.2016 Agenda  



15.03.2016 Agenda Minutes
09.02.2016 Agenda Minutes
12.01.2016 Agenda Minutes
10.11.2015 Agenda Minutes
27.10.2015 Agenda Minutes
15.09.2015 Agenda Minutes
07.07.2015 Agenda Minutes
27.05.2015 Agenda Minutes
19.05.2015 Agenda Minutes


For Agendas and Minutes of meetings held before 1st April 2015, please contact the office

Terms of Reference - Full Council


Staffing Sub-Committee

Town Mayor, Leader of the Council, Chairman of Resources Committee, Chairman of Planning Environment and Transportation Committee




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